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Kjetil Øvregaard Østebø 
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For several years I have been searching for inforation about my great×3 grandfather Johan Joachim Christopher Evers. He is supposed to have been born in about 1780-1782. In the 1830s he emigrated to Norway, but prior to that he was a burger in Rostock. I have searched the churchbooks of Rostock and surrounding towns, but have not been able to find him baptized. This is a long shot, but in Norway he called his property Ruhental. I then thought that he migt have named the property after his hometown. Is it possible that he came from Ruhental/Lopienko? When he got married in Norway he stated that his fathers occupation was as a baker. I would appreciate it very much if anyone could help me to find out if he in fact came from the village of Ruhental in Westpreussen.
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Familienforschung in Westpreußen